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Marian Horvat, Judith Mead, Ellyn Miller & Catherine Croisette


How the Virgin-Martyr made herself known by the miracles she worked -and continues to work!


Found in the Catacombs in 1802, St. Philomena soon made herself known throughout the world by the thousands of miracles she worked and multiple favors she granted. Those miracles continue today. "Pray to St. Philomena. Whatever you ask from her she will obtain for you," said Pope Gregory XVI.

Four devotees of the Virgin-Martyr - Marian Horvat, Judith Mead, Ellyn Miller and Catherine Croisette - bring to light this work on the Saint's life and the history of the devotion. Simply told, easy to read, this tribute to St. Philomena - called the Light of the Church Militant by St. John Vianney - explains why she is a Saint for our days.

Whether you know St. Philomena or not, this is the book for you. Her immense charm permeates its pages, drawing souls to the virtues she practiced - a heroic faith and shining chastity - virtues especially needed in the 21st century modern world.

She is a model for youth and comforter of the suffering and sick, ready to respond to every request, temporal or spiritual, great or small. Truly, she is the marvelous St. Philomena.

Includes a chapter of prayers and devotions. 



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The Marvelous Saint Philomena

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  • Paperback: 88 pages
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