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CD five of The Family Series by Marian T. Horvat


For girls ages 5 to 11, it is most important for parents to foster the spirit of generosity and a curb over first impulses. Dr. Horvat explains why this is so. She also looks at these other important topics:

  • The father’s important role in preserving his daughter’s innocence, modesty and femininity.
  • Establishing the proper balance between affection and authority in the relations of a father with his daughter.
  • The mother’s crucial role in exercising discipline and fostering the spirit of sacrifice.
  • The mother’s need to understand her daughter in order to encourage her good inclinations and curb the bad ones.
  • The importance of instilling a love for beauty and a disgust for the vulgar.
  • The value of directing the tendencies of the daughter toward the marvelous and sublime.
  • Avoiding overindulgence as well as excessive severity.

The premise is established that the vocation of the woman was destined by God primarily to be a wife and mother. Then the Catholic home is presented as her primary realm of action. 50 min.

Explodes many modern myths! 

Shaping the Sense of Sacrifice in Girls (CD Five)

SKU: C-25
  • Audio CD, 50 minutes

    Publisher: Tradition in Action, Inc. (2000)
    Language: English
    ASIN: B005GWNP8Q
    UNSPSC Code: 55101500

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