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Atila Sinke Guimarães


Volume 11 of the Collection Eli, Eli, Lamma, Sabacthani?


The foundation of the new thinking of Vatican II is the concept of the Church as Mystery. How can this mystery be defined? There is an objection to every attempt to define it since mystery in itself is vaporous, uncertain. To capture this elusive mystery is as difficult as to padlock a ghost. However, Guimarães managed to do so.

In Ecclesia, Volume XI of his Collection on the Council, he exhaustively analyzes every possible orthodox mystery regarding the Church's doctrine, constitution and mission. Based on these established concepts, he easily shows that 'mystery' of Vatican II is something very different. In fact, it is a cover to accomplish a revolutionary goal: The Catholic Church becomes the leaven to unite all false confessions in a Pan-Religion to foster a Universal Republic.

Other new concepts of Vatican II's ecclesiology - People of God, Poor Church, Sinning Church, Servant Church, Church of Love and Church Tolerant - are also analyzed. Each of these new titles targets one aspect of the Catholic Church to be destroyed.

This is a lucid and encompassing study showing the appalling fruits of the Council in ecclesiology. In this last volume of the Collection – which has conclusively demonstrated many other dreadful consequences of the Council – the author arrives at this simple and decisive conclusion: A tree that gives such bad fruits must be cut down. Vatican II is a null and void Council that should be set aside by History.

A must read.

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11- Ecclesia (The Church)

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