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Judith Fife Mead & Marian Therese Horvat, Ph.D.

To discover Our Lady of Bethlehem is to find an important part
of our American Catholic History!

Discovering Our Lady of Bethlehem brings to American Catholics the fascinating history of the oldest statue of the Virgin Mary in California.

This life-size statue of Our Lady carrying the Christ Child accompanied the Sacred Expedition of 1769, the Spanish maritime expedition to Alta California that planted the Cross and Royal flag in the port cities of San Diego and Monterey. New Spain was larger by a 750-mile coast, a feat accomplished by a small troupe of soldiers and handful of friars.

Heading those friars was the indomitable Franciscan Fray Junípero Serra. His story is closely intertwined with that of Our Lady of Bethlehem, who found her home with him at Mission San Carlos Borromeo in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Under her patronage, Fr. Serra founded the first nine of the 21 Spanish Missions.

In this book you will find the story of Our Lady of Bethlehem; how she came to accompany the Sacred Expedition; how she presided over the successful California Missions; how she was exiled during the sad period of secularization and how she was lovingly returned during the Mission restoration in the mid-1900s.

Today she is fully restored, regal and maternal, in the side Chapel of San Carlos Borromeo Church. There she waits, showing herself most expressive and willing to receive pilgrims and visitors.

Here is your opportunity to learn about one of the oldest devotions to Our Lady in America. A fascinating and moving story that gives a glimpse of the original plan of God for California - and America!

Discovering Our Lady of Bethlehem: Her Journey with Fr. Serra

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