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Atila Sinke Guimarães

Volume 3 of the Collection: Eli, Eli, Lamma Sabacthani?


Offenses against Our Lord, the Four Last things, the Sacraments, Catholic Morals made during the Council and afterwards


Not so long ago the Catholic Faith was proudly referred to as the Holy Faith. The adjective Holy reflected the great honor and veneration the faithful paid it. The present Volume aims to expose the offenses against such honor.

After Vatican II, an impressive tide of insults rose against the Catholic Faith as it had always been taught. Prelates and theologians felt free to insult the past Faith, its dogmas, sources and sacraments. In Animus Injuriandi II, Atila S. Guimarães offers the Reader an appalling list of such offenses as an expression of the spirit of the Council.

This ensemble of outrages completes the assemblage of insults against the Church exposed in the previous Volume, Animus Injuriandi I. To link the two groups, the Author presents in an initial Chapter a roll of eulogies of heretics, schismatics and Jews made by high-ranking Prelates and theologians. Since the Church had always condemned the doctrines defended by those groups, amply illustrated by the Author with historical examples, such eulogies are indisputably attacks against the honor due the Faith.

This is a heartbreaking read that is, nonetheless, indispensable to anyone who wants to understand what the spirit of the Council is.


Includes an important analysis of John Paul II's visit to the synagogue.


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3 - Animas Injuriandi II (Desire to Offend II)

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