Atila Guimarães


Under a pretext of poverty, there is a plan to abolish the sacrality of the Church.


This talk:

Exposes the Progressivist aim to transform the Catholic Church into a poor and invisible institution - the Miserablist Church.

Shows the long chain of the miserablist movements that have existed throughthe History of the Church.

Presents Cardinal von Balthasar as the present-day representive of this currentand his support by the Vatican.


Is the attack against pomp, ceremony and dignity in the Church a sincere wish to return to evangelical perfection? Or is this just a pretext of the Miserablist current to change the face of the Holy Church? Listen to the talk to understand.Know about this important topic!

The Miserablist Church

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  • Audio CD, 45 minutes

    Publisher: Tradition in Action, Inc. (2011)
    Language: English
    ASIN: B005HXY6LO
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