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Translated and edited by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D.


The covers shows St. John Baptist de LaSalle, patron saint of all teachers of youth, teaching in class.

Painting by Cesare Mariani, 1888


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The Catholic Manual of Civility is more than a book of rules. It addresses the youth’s formation of character as the foundation of courtesy. It teaches how to be prudent, modest, discreet, and loyal as a basis for being distinguished. It establishes the importance of order, punctuality, and cleanliness as obligations first, before God, and then, as acts of courtesy toward our neighbor. In short, it aims to form the well-bred Catholic.

Yes, it also teaches the needed good rules of etiquette that one should practice both at home and in society.

For a young man or a family who wants to see a restoration of Christian Civilization in customs, manners, and ways of being, the Catholic Manual of Civility will be an invaluable aid.

Catholic Manual of Civility

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