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Atila Sinke Guimarães


Volume 5 of the Collection Eli Eli Lamma Sabacthani 


Animus Delendi II addresses Secularization and Ecumenism, the two main initiatives of Vatican Council II.

Through Secularization, Progressivism is destroying the foundations of the State and replacing it with a trans-Socialist structure, with experimental communities already set up here and there. Through Ecumenism, Progressivism is meticulously destroying the unity of the Catholic Faith, the uniqueness of the Holy Church, her militancy, and her missionary character. Certainly these initiatives reveal an animus delendi- a desire to destroy never before seen in History.

Notwithstanding, these same maneuvers were first presented as manifestations of love for the world and charity toward the false religions – the much trumpeted spirit of the Council. By the fruits, Guimarães shows the tree. Reading this volume one sees that Secularization and Ecumenism constitute two colossal ruses to fool the unsuspecting Catholic faithful and lead them to a slaughter of their souls. A repetition of the killing of the innocents ordered by Herod.


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5 - Animus Delendi II (Desire to Destroy II)

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